Munich Train: Scene of Migrants Assaulting a Woman

Aboard a Munich train, two older gentlemen got involved in confrontation after some migrants laid hands on a female passenger and were rejected.

From RT News:

According to the author of the footage, Tom Roth, the incident broke out after a young woman rejected one of the migrant’s advances, who had addressed her in English and placed his hand on her back.

After being brushed off, the harasser struck a window with full force to express his dissatisfaction, Roth recalled. This is when the old men asked the migrants to behave.

And this:

After seizing the Germans by the hands and insulting them verbally, a young attacker kicks one of the old men, then holds him by the neck from behind and threatens him. The other attackers make sure none of the passengers can interfere by creating a safe zone. The second German man is seen grappling with one of the migrants.

While it’s good to see some life in the German people, it would be even better if western nations would stop pretending that importing young men from war zones was a good idea.

Showing solidarity with the world does not mean all people must suffer equally. The removal of these social engineering politicians cannot come soon enough.

Source: RT




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