Mueller-Connected Mobster Killed in Prison, Just Before Outting FBI Officials

The suspicious circumstances of notorious crime boss James “Whitey” Bulger's death suggest that there's more going on than a routine prison killing.

Wheelchair-bound Boston gangster James ‘Whitey' Bulger Jr. has been beaten to death in a savage attack by fellow federal inmates, who reportedly pummeled him with a lock in a sock and tried to gouge his eyes out.

Bulger was found dead by guards on Tuesday morning at USP Hazelton, a high-security federal prison in Bruceton Mills, West Virginia. He was 89.

Bulger was in general population when three inmates rolled his wheelchair to a corner out of view of surveillance cameras, beat him in the head with a lock in a sock, and attempted to gouge his eyes out with a shiv, a prison source told TMZ.

The former head of south Boston's ‘Winter Hill Gang', Bulger was convicted in 2013 of killing at least 11 people and was serving two life sentences at the time of his death.

It emerged in Bulger's 2013 trial that he had served as an FBI informant as far back as 1975, though he always denied it. The deal gave Bulger virtual impunity to commit any crime he wanted for decades – except for murder.

Why was he arbitrarily transferred to the Hazelton facility in West Virginia? Who knew of his transfer beforehand? Bulger hadn't even been processed when he was killed. Why was such a high-profile inmate mixed in with the general population, leaving him vulnerable?

Could it be because, according to law enforcement sources, Whitey had been talking about outing top officials in the controversial FBI informant program? Was the federal government involved in the killing?

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