MSNBC: ‘Should The Far-Right Be Confronted With Force?’

What is antiFA?

The Right has been throwing that term around for a nearly a year now…and very liberally, I might add.  It's difficult to imagine a term like antiFA, one that sounds like a girly-version of an after-dinner drink (especially when said by Chris Cuomo), to be an extremely dangerous domestic terror organization.  AntiFA may sound very feminine, but it is laced with a toxic masculinity that even the women involved cannot escape.

With the Berkeley riots following the proposal of a speech there by Milo Yiannopolous, a Conservative gay political commentator whose opinions appear to set fires and detonate Leftist brains with the mere mention of a word.  Even Ann Coulter, Ben Shapiro and Michelle Malkin have experienced these childish little temper tantrums that have boiled over into physical threats and violence against just about anything that moved (or was bolted down) in a five-mile radius.

AntiFA (or anti-First Amendment) refers to the crowd that is typically made up of young (16-25 year old) men and women, mostly unemployed Bubble Witch junkies who watch 2 Broke Girls in the evening (because it's so realistic), eat their mother's York Peppermint Patties in the morning for breakfast, don their hoodies, dark cat-burglar clothing and black head scarves as masks (presumably because their acne is acting up again…what with all those Peppermint Patties) and head out by the late afternoon light to “counter-protest”…insert a Leftist Soros or Obama-directed cause here.

Here are a few examples of the thousands of photographs that show what peaceful, law-abiding and perfectly-tame-as-doves antiFA look like.  See if you draw any similarities to other famous groups.

96553bb2481866916bd74855274f3749 Antifa antifa-600-x-338 maxresdefaultSo, by now, I guess you've noticed that they bear a very close resemblance to Kathy Griffin…I mean, ISIS!  And if you thought that, you would not be the first one.  In fact, many satirical cartoons have been posted…ONLY ON CONSERVATIVE SITES, MIND YOU…that show the complete and utter hypocrisy of the Left as it justifies this behavior above (yes, that man is being maced) but condemns marching around with flags and saying hateful things.

Coulter-Speech-600-CIP.S.  That's supposed to be Ann Coulter.

Getting back to the point about a terrorist group that looks frighteningly similar to ISIS and even pretends to be fighting for American values (as they light up the American flag in every location they march), the antiFA stand for EVERYTHING un-American.  They don't just pretend to be “anti-Fascist,” though.

AntiFA really are anti-Government (and not just talking about how Big Government is bad and we need term-limits anti-Government).  These people are anti-establishment as well (and not Jackass & RINO Congressional Establishment).  We're talking being a supporter of pure Anarchy, where police are powerless, government is absent (which is most of the time anyway when it comes to these riots) and the people are locked in their homes, holding their children and hoping to God that their cars are not vandalized, their homes not burned to the ground, and their businesses not looted by the far-Left.

Once these antiFA groups go through an area, there is nothing safe.  Old people, young people, women, children…doesn't matter.  If you're in their path, you are victims to be maced, beaten with clubs and bats, chains and brass knuckles.  And forget about your power grid.  One of their favorite tactics is to take bats to the local transformers in order to darken the streets so that they can bust out windows, set fires in store fronts and loot whatever they wish.  Is it any wonder that police wear riot gear whenever antiFA comes to town?

Oh, and by the way, this is all to fight the “alt-Right” Fascist racists.

So, MSNBC has a little powwow about how the far-Right are so violent and need to be threatened…physically.  “Should the far right be confronted with force?”

MSNBC tweeted out an ominous question Wednesday night: “Should the far-right be confronted with force?”

The tweet linked to a video with “Meet The Press” host Chuck Todd, Richard Cohen, the president of the Southern Poverty Law Center, and Mark Bray, a Dartmouth College lecturer.

The Southern Poverty Law Center tracks “hate groups,” but has been known to label mainstream conservative groups, such as the Alliance Defending Freedom, as extremist hate groups. SPLC has also labeled “right wing libertarianism” as an “extremist” political ideology.

Todd introduced his segment with Cohen by explaining that Antifa, a leftist group labeled a “domestic terror group” by New Jersey’s Office of Homeland Security, “sometimes” responds to white supremacy with force.

Bray admitted that he is an “advocate” of responding to white supremacists with violence, but Todd never asked him why he thinks violence is okay. Rather, Todd asked if Bray thought Antifa actions could allow white supremacists to claim victimhood.

You may be laughing at this point and I don't blame you.  If these Leftists idiots in the FNIC could be any more out of touch with reality (either truly or just for the camera) they could be Keith Olbermann (pretty sure he had better ratings than these guys, too, before he got fired). Even Yahoo News gets in the act and attempts to incite “hero worship” on these ISIS-wannabes!

But for a moment, just imagine the utter ignorance of the question.  “Should the far right be confronted with force?”

Look at the photos and Google “antiFA violence” on YouTube and you'll get your answer!  They already are being confronted by force, you morons!  What you'll find, too, is a serious absence of “far-Right violence.”  This is one of the problems that the Left has run into in the FNIC.  You may be able to WRITE Fake News, but to SHOW it in video is a vastly different thing.  Hence, the Hillary Clinton-Bob Creamer coordinated “Trump Rally Violence” actions taken to incite fisticuffs.  Let's face it:  When the Left can't find violence, by God they'll create it!

Watching these antiFA “anti-Fascist counter-protests,” you'll be struck with the far-Right people marching or standing in one place, just surrounded, literally engulfed by tides of antiFA thugs who are wielding pepper spray, baseball bats, knives, chains…you name it.  I just watched one the other day where a lit cigarette was jammed into the eye of a Biker for Trump!

And that's another thing:  Many of these so-called “far-Right” marchers have nothing whatsoever to do with KKK, Nazis, Neo-Nazis, Aryan Society, or White Supremacists.  The majority of these marchers are peaceful protesters in support of American values.  Listen, if you carry a Nazi symbol, you're just an idiot.  Hands down, no other word for it.  You're a racist moron who doesn't deserve anyone to listen to your stupid rants.

But violence?  Stabbing?  Beating with chains?  Smashing a skull with a club?  Is that what the Left is now advocating as a MEASURED RESPONSE to the “far-Right?”  Even the hate groups like KKK?  Man, these really are a far cry from the Democrats of the 1960s, aren't they?

When it comes down to brass tacks, I know that the far-Left antiFA crowd, which pretends to be ISIS because their mom's panties are way too tight on their crotch…AND she ran out of Peppermint Patties…are vastly more dangerous than any Bible-toting biker group who read scriptures to thugs (yes, antiFA tries to beat them up, too!)  Here's how I prefer to look at these cowards in mamas' masks:


Source:  The Daily Caller



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