MSNBC Demotes Al Sharpton

The liberal media has always stood behind Sharpton, no matter how nonsensical his ranting gets, but in a surprise move by MSNBC, his show will no longer be on the air during the weeknights.

Al Sharpton is leaving MSNBC’s weekday dayside lineup, and moving to Sunday mornings.

Sharpton’s last weekday “PoliticsNation” will be Sept. 4. He moves to Sundays a month later on Oct. 4, according to a memo sent to MSNBC staff by the channel’s president Phil Griffin Wednesday evening…

But don’t you worry about Al. Rather than organizing a protest march and threatening MSNBC’s sponsors to fight this obvious racism, he’s choosing to take it in stride.

How many people are outraged at this move? Not many. In fact, not even Sharpton seems to mind. Maybe he's getting tired of his voice, as well.

For more information go to: The Daily Caller


Photo: Ewils Photo on Flickr



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