MSNBC Asks Rep. Steve King Unusually Critical Question About Muslim Immigrants

What the heck is going on at MSNBC? They're asking good questions for once!

In an interview with Chris Hayes, Iowa Representative Steve King discussed his views on immigration with the liberal MSNBC host. But shockingly, Hayes gave the Republican congressman not only a chance to express his views without attacking him, but also asked a question that conservatives have been demanding an answer to for years.

Asked about his endorsement of Ted Cruz for the GOP nomination, King said that he agreed with the Texas senator about the need to strengthen the border and closely monitor immigrants trying to enter the country. He was especially adamant about the need to keep track of Muslims coming into the US, at which point Hayes came in with his surprising question: “Do you think, fundamentally, that Muslims from the Middle East are incompatible with American democracy?”

Read more about King's MSNBC interview at the link below:

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