Mother Of Benghazi Victim: There’s A ‘Special Place In Hell’ For People Like Hillary, ‘Hope She Enjoys It There’

Not only did Smith speculate that a special place in hell awaits Hillary, she also quipped that she hopes the former First Lady “enjoys it there.” Considering how Clinton utterly let her son and his companions down when they needed her, you can't help but admire Smith for granting her that:

“She later added, ‘I want Hillary to talk to me personally, and tell me why there was no security there, when they were asked for it. I know this, because I spoke to my son. That day, he says he was really scared, because he saw the 17 people — 17 November, whatever it was, that they were walking around taking pictures. And he was afraid. He says it didn’t look very good. And he was afraid. And that he asked for security, and he was turned down.'

When asked about criticisms that the matter had been politicized, Smith stated, ‘All I want is for Hillary to tell me what happened. What’s political about that? I think that as a mother, I deserve to know. And as a woman, as she says, she always talks about a woman, I am a woman too. I think I deserve to know why my son is dead.'

Smith also stated that while she wasn’t surprised that Clinton was accusing her of lying, she didn’t want her government to call her a liar.”

Source: Breitbart



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