More ‘Realistic Military Training’ on Washington Beaches

More ‘Realistic Military Training’ on Washington Beaches

The Pentagon begin “realistic military training”(RMT) on January 14th. Similar to Jade Helm, the war-game exercises will be hosted by Washington and 68 of their beaches including residential homes, and private property.

They will also close off public property, along with sections of state parks. This has local Wildlife Services of External Affairs, Karen Sullivan, along with the West Coast Action Alliance, and others claiming that the Navy's actions are illegal.

Through categorical exclusion (CATEX), an exemption process that the military uses to gain permission for the assigned territory of RMT, is at fault for the military “loop-holing” their way past the state’s oversight. A categorical exclusion is defined as a category of actions that does not have a significant event on a human’s environment, thus no environmental statement is required, but the Navy does not meet any of the emergency requirements for such an action.

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