Moochelle: Eat What I Tell You, Not What I Eat (Pizza & Fries)

Moochelle: Eat What I Tell You, Not What I Eat (Pizza & Fries)

America’s first lady, Michelle Obama answered questions from an audience of  children at the White House’s Annual Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day on Thursday, but she and her husband are used to treating citizens like children, so answering was no challenge for her! When asked to list her favorite food, she replied that she likes pizza and French fries.

Doesn’t that seem strange coming from the woman who has made fighting childhood obesity her top priority? Mrs. Obama classified her choice of pizza as a healthy one because she prefers veggie pizza. Is that what she forces on America’s schoolkids though?

 “So I’m gonna give you my favorite healthy thing to eat, which actually is my favorite thing to eat – pizza. Yes, but usually when I have pizza – alright don’t get mad at me – I do veggie pizzas,” she said in response to a question about her favorite food.

“It’s really good, and they make great pizza here at the White House. So that’s a way that I get the favorite food that I love but also do it in a healthy way so I can eat it whenever I want to, right?” she added.

The first lady said her favorite unhealthy food is French fries.

“But if I’m really being bad, right? And if I want my favorite junk food – some kids asked me this just the other day – one of my favorite, favorite junk foods is French fries. I love French fries,” Mrs. Obama said.

Source: CNS News

Photo: WeaselZippers



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