Moms Demand Action: Teaching Gun Safety in Schools is ‘Atrocious’

In the past the traditional subjects taught to most kindergarteners and third graders have been the basics like reading and writing but if you visit Forest Hills Elementary school in Sidman Pennsylvania during the month of October you might be shocked to be sitting in on a gun safety class.

Jennifer Hoppe, a local activist with the group Moms Demand Action was shocked to learn that Forest Hills was teaching her children about gun safety instead of teaching them the same things she learned when she was growing up.

In a recent interview Mrs. Hoppe said this about the gun safety program at Forest Hills Elementary school:

“It’s atrocious to put the onus of gun safety onto children — this is an adult problem. Every gun that’s gotten into the hands of a child has first been under the control of an adult. A program that tries to dodge that is disingenuous.”

Although this might seem like a good program on the surface, Jennifer Hoppe defended her stance against the school teaching gun safety by talking about children accidental gun deaths and how they can be prevented if the adult took better precautions to protect their guns.

“Accidental gun deaths among children are not ‘accidental,’” suggesting that the focus should be on how they are “preventable” if adults store guns properly.









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