Modern Genetics Once Again Proves the Bible Correct

Science has, on many, many occasions served to shut down certain critics of religion and religious history.  In particular, the Old Testament of the Christian Bible (based on the Jewish Torah) and the New Testament have been the target of naysayers, atheists, and Leftist revisionist historians for centuries.  With the advent of modern technology and scientific theory and exploration, archaeological excavation has uncovered corroborating evidence time and time again that clarified and verified long-held assertions by Jews and Christians that the books of the Bibles (both Jewish and Christian) are accurate and true histories of what has already occurred in ages past.

If you're like me, you enjoy a good documentary.  There are literally thousands out there on any given subject.  Some of the really enjoyable ones are those that take no particular biased opinion, but work from the standpoint of a person simply trying to discover truth.  I used to be a fan of the History Channel until I actually began to research subject matter myself.  Then, the ugly truth emerged and that was that the History Channel, A&E, Discovery, National Geographic, etc., etc., were all on the same page as far as developing a storyline and delivering the finished product.  Number one, it has to be marketable.  Can't make money without someone wanting to watch it and without advertisers interested in sponsoring that show.  Number two, it has to be controversial or provocative.  For obvious reasons, you don't want a real draw-out boring program (see Number one above).  And Number three, it has to have a slight, extreme or radical Leftist slant.  This is key in the packaging of these shows because of the types of people involved in the production, the actors who bring the stories to life, and the sponsors who follow trends based on social media and sales statistics.

For this reason, I completely avoid all the Liberal trappings of the documentaries which pretend to be about “exposing the truth” about history, particularly when it comes to anything that happens to be sacred to Christians or is deeply ensconced in identity politics or racial inequality.  If you've ever gone on Netflix to watch a documentary about, say, the Book of Genesis, you'd be sadly mistaken to believe that this will be an in-depth study of the Book of Genesis.  Rather (as becomes quickly apparent during your viewing of the show) the program is out to disprove the Book of Genesis in one way or another.  They usually approach the subject matter from several different angles, all exposing the “lies or half-truths of the men who wrote the Book.”  And this is a pattern with practically 100% of the so-called documentaries.  The information is there to test your faith, to see if you're actually paying attention to scripture and not to the flashy, state-of-the-art computer graphic renderings of the construction of Solomon's Temple or the Exodus from Egypt.

Once again, science has come to the rescue and facts bear out more evidence that the Bible should be taken at its literal word rather than in mystical metaphors and allegory.  Read on the following page about the amazing new DNA evidence direct from Egypt that will shut the mouths of condescending Liberals…at least temporarily.  An extraordinary finding!




    • James Marvel

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