Mizzou Enrollment Continues to Plunge, Closes Dorms

The University of Missouri at Columbia — Mizzou — is shutting down dorms as its freshmen enrollment continues to decline. Perhaps it has turned out that prospective students and their families are less impressed with the school’s alleged academic excellence in the face of social justice warriors run wild over the past couple of years.

The public university that gave us Melissa “Muscle” Click – and announced open season on student journalists that try to cover social justice warriors – continues to suffer fallout from the November 2015 melee.

The University of Missouri is shutting down three dorms next year because of low freshman enrollment, The Maneater reports.

The university has tried to downplay the significance of this drop in enrollment by calling the shutting down of these dorms to be “taking them offline,” but the truth is they don’t have the incoming freshmen to put in them.

Technically they are being taken “offline” to see if enrollment bumps back up, and “most or all” staff will keep their jobs, Residential Life Director Frankie Minor said in an email obtained by the paper.

This is on top of four other dorms that were already scheduled to go “offline” because of plummeting enrollment. Two of them – no joke – are named “Respect” and “Excellence.”

Mizzou has not figured out that students and their parents have a multitude of choices as to where they are going to spend their money on college, or more likely, go deeply into debt.

Mizzou is also canceling eight “Freshman Interest Groups due to low anticipated demand.”

The solution to the problem is to expose the social justice warriors for what they truly are, restore freedom of speech and open debate to the schools, and emphasize free inquiry and academic excellence. Those universities that do will be a privilege to attend.

Source: The College Fix



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