Missouri Univ. ‘Blacks Only Zone’: Whites Kicked Out For Healing Time

This movement, this effort to right wrongs at the University of Missouri, has been sabotaged by a misguided and angry race-baiting leadership.  Instead of making positive progress, it is a digression into a segregated society once again – widening the racial divide.

This time it happened at old trouble free University of Missouri (BIG Surprise…). Well, immediately following the protests that led to the ousting of former University President Tim Wolfe, the “concerned student organization” behind the whole thing asked their white “allies” to leave. That’s right! They said they wanted a “black-only healing zone.” This unfortunately sounds like exactly what their old president wanted for them too.

How does sending the white supporters to a separate room part of the healing process?  Coming together as communicative, non-victim human beings, not as a segregation of various skin tones, is what is needed.  Yet this movement has slipped to place that would horrify those who have gone before to help make  “one nation under God” and  “all men are created equal” found in every corner of the United States.

Of course, one can expect that the members of Black Lives Matter would certainly approve of all of this.

They even sent the whites off to a special room.


Source: Fox News

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