Missouri Passes Concealed Carry, Stand Your Ground Laws

Missouri Passes Concealed Carry, Stand Your Ground Laws

If things continue the way they are going, the fortune of American gun owners will be taking a major turn for the better.

In a stunning rebuke to the nationwide left-wing drive for increased gun control, the Missouri state legislature overwhelmingly voted in favor of a bill permitting citizens to carry concealed weapons without having to take a class to do so. The measure earned so many votes that it has enough to overturn a veto in the likelihood that Governor Jay Nixon refuses to sign it into law.

In addition, the legislation implements a “stand-your-ground” doctrine into the state's laws concerning self-defense. Once the bill is signed into law, Missouri will become the 31st state to have such a statute on the books.

But it's not just Missouri that is the site of significant Second Amendment victories. Several other states have made headway in the fight to protect Americans' gun rights.

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