Missouri Family Face Possible Jail Time Over Purple Playground Set

Marla Stout, mother of the two girls and defender of the Pink and Purple Play-set is not backing down, in spite of on going lawsuit according to InfoWars.

“Colors had to be harmonious with community,” Marla told Yahoo. “There are over 2,000 homes in Raintree. Pick a color, any color, it’s here. We have swing sets in place with multicolored canopies, huge yellow slides, etc. Ours blends with the trees and is shaded by four large trees. We honestly had no idea we’d done something wrong.”

When the Stouts asked for a list of acceptable colors, they were told that there was not an actual list.   Their neighbors have been queried and all support the family and the play-set, finding the suit by the HOA a waste of money.

Find out more about the war on the Pink and Purple Play-set at InfoWars.






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