Missouri Cops Protect Protesters Painting Blue Line Over BLM Street Mural

The day the silent majority hits the streets in defense of their country would spell D-Day for the anarchists seeking to take the country down. Fortunately for the anarchists, conservatives are a patient bunch. They know President Trump will eventually call in the military to quell the insurrection – just as soon as the socialist sewers have sufficiently self-sabotaged and laid themselves bare for all who sit on the fence to see.

This week we’ve seen a couple of instances of patriots who refused to let Black Lives Matter murals paint up their streets. Police protected protesters in Florissant, Missouri as they painted a blue line over the lettering.

In NYC on Monday a man covered the Black Lives Matter mural in front of Trump Tower with red paint. The mayor and media framed it as ‘vandalizing’, as opposed to counter-protesting, and restored the yellow lettering. Mayor de Blasio had helped paint the mural himself last week to heckles such as: “douchebag de Blasio,” “Shame on you!” and, “Hitler told us all lives didn’t matter, too!”

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