The Migrant Footage The Main Stream Media Refuses To Show

In actuality, most of the refugees are men ages 18-30, and as the video below shows they are creating mayhem and violence in their wake.

Ignoring these images, as Europe can attest to also, is a dangerous game.  In Sweden, ghettos have been set up–they call them “temporary housing”.  The violence toward first responders in those areas, have now required that police and swat teams accompany the responders, due to the violence that have been directed toward them.

As America sits on the brink of giving Iran nuclear capabilities, added with the influx of middle eastern males into western and central Europe, one might assume the media is culpable with spreading radicalized Islam throughout Europe.

Stephen Harper and Benjamin Netanyahu commented on the influx summarizing this thought:

Who Are These Refugees? That competition to accept refugees would be fine if we knew that the refugees plan on assimilating into Western notions of civilized society, and if we knew that they were indeed victims of radical Muslim atrocities. Unfortunately, we know neither. It is deeply suspicious that major Muslim countries that do not border Syria refuse to take in large numbers of refugees, except for Algeria and Egypt.

Source: Breitbart News



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