Minnesota Drastically Raises Obamacare Rates to Prevent Collapse

Obamacare has been a failure.  Sure, there have been those who have survived it and perhaps even benefited from the program.  But most disasters do have a few survivors.  That doesn't make the event a success.

We can turn the focus to the situation in Minnesota where we learn that,

Minnesota's top health insurance regulator says the state's individual market is in “an emergency situation” amid big rate increases for next year.

What's the emergency?  All five insurance companies providing coverage in Minnesota were prepared to pull out for 2017.  Doesn't leave much choice for consumers, does it?  The only way to prevent this loss of insurers was to offer big premium increases.  How big?

Rate increases finalized this week range from a 50 percent average hike for HealthPartners plans to a 67 percent jump on average on UCare.

One theory that has been tossed about is that Obamacare was really designed as a vehicle for moving to a total take-over of the health care industry by the federal government.  In that sense, is it really just a warm up to Hillarycare?

Whatever the case, it's clear that the program cannot continue as it is.

Source:  Fox 9



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