Minnesota Anti-Gun Legislation So Extreme, It Makes California Look Tame

The recent horrific school shootings have naturally left the nation stunned and looking for answers. Specifically, what must be done to make our schools safe for our children, not to mention the staff as well? School shootings were virtually unheard just a few decades ago. Although even one such tragedy is one too many, the increase in recent years is very alarming.

What is also alarming are the efforts to use these tragedies to promote the radical gun-control agenda. That is not to suggest that anyone wants these events to happen just to push for more gun laws. But when such tragedies to occur, the overly-simplified and unworkable solution of just taking guns away from everyone to fix the problem is invariably presented by the left. It comes off like clockwork.

And it is dangerous and it doesn't work. What would work, to the horror of the anti-gun lobby, would be armed citizens who could bring such shooting sprees to a quick halt. Or, just their presence might raise the stakes so high that the would-be killer abandons his plans and goes back to shooting people up in video games.

The people of Minnesota are the target of some of the most draconian anti-gun laws imaginable. The claim is this effort has been defeated. But perhaps not. More on page two.




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