Millions of Turks Plan to Move to UK if Turkey Joins EU

Not only will Britain be taking in thousands of people liable to be dependent on her generous social provisions, but they will be throwing the door open to a country with a murder rate at least four times it's own. This is why, as former shadow home secretary David Davis explains, the UK should give serious consideration to those who say the nation should exit the EU:

“'These are really important issues which we need to take seriously; they are not issues of race or bigotry; they are issues of real self-interest for ordinary people.'

Turkey, which has an 80 million strong population, is pressing its case to become a full EU member after wrestling the right to visa-free travel for its citizens across the Schengen Zone.

Full-membership would give the country’s predominantly Muslim population the right to free-movement across Europe, with un-fettered access to Britain.

Today’s poll reveals for the first time the intention of those living in Turkey if it joined the EU, with 15.8 per cent of the population – the equivalent of 12.6m people – in favour of making a new home for themselves and their families in Britain.

The survey was carried out by Turkey’s leading pollsters KONDA, which conducted face-to-face interviews with 2,685 Turks aged 18 and over between May 7 and 8.

Each person was asked the question: ‘If Turkey becomes a full member of the EU, and Britain remains in the EU, would you, or any member of your family, consider relocating to Britain?'

In total 15.8 per cent responded that they would consider emigrating to Britain, whilst 84.2 per cent said they were not thinking of making the move to the UK.

The wish to relocate to our shores was highest amongst the unemployed people surveyed, a staggering 36 per cent of whom expressed their desire to make the move.

Turkey’s unemployment rate has spiralled over the last year and hit 10.9 per cent in February this year, far above Britain’s rate of 5.4 per cent.

The next biggest group was the country’s two-million strong student population, with 34 per cent of those asked saying they planned to relocate to Britain.

Foreign Office Minister James Duddridge said: ‘These figures reveal the huge pressure our public services will come under if we stay in the EU.'

‘We will be powerless to stop millions of Turks accessing our schools, hospitals and housing, who will be attracted to the UK by our higher wages and living standards'”

Source: Express



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