Millions of Millennial Girls Are So Terrified of Student Loans They’re Resorting to Becoming Sugar Babies

The destruction of the middle class is wreaking havoc on families and young girls across the country. A growing number of young girls are resorting to dating sites in the hunt for wealthy, older, often married, men’s pocketbooks to make ends meet.

One such site, Seeking Arrangements, is dedicated exclusively to helping young “sugar babies” find their “daddies”.

Marketing executives at this company noticed a marked upsurge in babies signing up using university-affiliated email addresses, who promoted them to start a new campaign aimed at recruiting young college-aged students. And this is no small operation. Over 2.5 million sugar babies on Seeking Arrangements alone last year cited tuition costs as their reason for joining the site.

Many young girls truly see no alternative to whoring themselves out to make ends meet. As it now seems almost impossible to get a college degree without going into debt. Although, the young girls in question would likely just argue they are being smart and using their assets to their advantage.

Continue to the next page to view Las Vegas sugar baby Christina’s explosive interview and photo session with Business Insider on this new trend.

What do babies do for the sugar? How morally compromised does this leave the babies and why is the MSM trying to normalize such behaviors?




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