“Military age men” With Terrorist Ties Caught at San Diego’s Southern Border

Pakistani and Afghan men of military age and, in some cases, with terrorist backgrounds, have been turning up in border arrests near San Diego.

Between October 1, 2014, and Sept. 30, 2015, the San Diego sector of the Border Patrol detained 18 Pakistanis and 1 Afghan, according to Border Patrol statistics. Between October 1 and mid-November of last year, 2 Afghans and 22 Pakistanis reportedly surrendered to Border Patrol agents.

“We have detained more Pakistanis and Afghans in the first month of this fiscal year than we did all last year,” assistant chief Richard Smith confirmed in November.

Until November, they would enter in groups and seek a federal agent to surrender to, according to union officials. It is believed that they did this because illegal entrants who are not Mexican citizens and who are deemed to not pose a significant threat are generally given a date to appear at immigration court and then released on their own recognizance. (Central Americans coming to Texas and the Roma in San Diego both used the same method to enter the U.S. in the past two years.)

But that method has changed, National Border Patrol Council president Terence Shigg said. While the Border Patrol’s San Diego sector continues to apprehend Pakistanis and Afghans, they are now finding them travelling alone and often farther north of the border than the earlier surrenders.

“It’s very concerning,” Shigg said. “We have no idea what their actual intentions are because we have no effective way of backtracking. Just the males are coming and there’s no way for us to know for certain who they are and why.”

Source: San Diego Reader

You can expect no word about this from the Left, either in the mainstream media or from the Democratic Presidential candidates. The only people who seem to understand the obvious threats posed to our country are the Republican candidates, most notably Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. If something isn't done to ensure the safety of our borders, we will likely see another San Bernardino-esque attack, or worse, another Paris-style attack in one of our major cities.



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