Mike Adams Warns of Coming Nuclear False Flag to Take Out President Trump

The Deep State has always allowed for American citizens to die when it suits their interests. Everybody knows special agents knew the Japanese were preparing to bomb Pearl Harbor. But, the powers that be had decided that it was time for us to join the war.

Today it is no different. Well not exactly. These dark forces have grown 10-fold. Mike Adams from Natural News is now claiming that thinks are a lot more serious than we first anticipated.

According to Mike Adams from Natural News, the deep state has been trying to get Trump out of office since the moment he was elected. They have tried everything, and are now becoming desperate in their quest to eliminate the most immediate threat to their agenda.

But, how far would the Deep State go to remove President Trump? Well, that answer is a lot scary than one might suspect. Of course, the Deep State will go to cover for their crimes.

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