As Migration Surges, Poll Shows 99% of U.S. Afghan Migrants want Sharia Law

As Migration Surges, Poll Shows 99% of U.S. Afghan Migrants want Sharia Law

One only needs to look to the current situation in Europe to understand the repercussions of massive influxes of migrants who refuse to assimilate into western cultures.

New Years Eve in Cologne, Germany saw the greatest occurrence of mass rape in modern times.  The victims were vastly European women.  The perpetrators were hoards of migrant men whose interpretation of Islam tells them that women rank somewhere around dogs in their importance in society.  The attacks were not just limited to Cologne but took place in scores of major cities throughout the European Union.

Countries in Europe have been bending over backward to accommodate these migrants — mostly from Iraq, Syria, and North Africa — and their shared belief in the implementation of Sharia Law.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton believe that the United States should more closely emulate countries in Europe when shaping our policy and culture.  One of the ways they are doing this is by stepping up the U.S.’s acceptance of Middle Eastern migrants — including from Afghanistan.

A new report shows that emigration from Mid East countries is skyrocketing, but while they leave their homelands, many of these migrants do not leave their beliefs.

To read about how any astounding 99% of Afghan migrants living within the United States believe Sharia Law — not the United States Constitution — should be the law of the land, continue reading on the next page:


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