Migrants Using Children As Hunger Strikers


Children, holding signs that say, “NO FOOD”, “NO WATER”, “UNTIL OPEN BOARDER”,  are being used as puppets by the immigrants demanding that the sovereign nation of Hungary let them in.  The world watches, the UN is actively trying to find another route and the refugees pull on heart strings as they stage a hunger strike.

Refugees on the Hungarian-Serbian border have declared a sit-down hunger strike in response to not being allowed to cross into Hungary and proceed to Germany and other destinations in Europe, according to Twitter posts.

Hungary, due to the mass of humans crossing their border from Serbia, has closed the border and has announced a state of emergency.  Serbia is also protesting Hungary’s boarder closure.

Serbia has protested the border closure. “Europe has to find a solution fast before the situation escalates even further. This border crossing, one of the main ones in Europe, has to remain open,” said Aleksandar Vulin, the Serbian social affairs minister.

Meanwhile,  Reuters reports that the immigrants are chanting and demanding entrance, “Open border, open border!”

Source: Info Wars



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