Migrants Sue Asylum Center For Not Giving Them Money Fast Enough

A court spokesman claims that the plaintiffs are seeking to pressure the authorities by getting the court to issue a ruling in the next few days. Despite the numerous problems these migrants have brought to Germany, including various forms of violence and economic dependency, German Chancellor Angel Merkel continues to welcome them.

“We can do it!” proclaimed German Chancellor Angela Merkel in reference to the migrant influx at the beginning of September. However, just this morning, it was announced that the nation would be extending temporary border controls until the end of October, AFP reports.

Border controls were first implemented on September 17th, just weeks after Mrs Merkel promised to keep the door open for any Syrian migrant who could make it to Germany, on the 25th of August.

“The situation at the border is such that we cannot do without them,” a ministry spokeswoman told AFP. “We need to return to an orderly handling of refugee policy.”

Could this be a sign that the German government is finally opening their eyes to problems these migrants are creating? There’s nothing wrong with humanitarianism, but there are other ways to go about it. As migrants continue to enter Western Europe, “transit zones” have been proposed in order to hold them while their asylum status is assessed.

Source: breitbart.com




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