Migrants Spit on Dutch Reporter

Calm and collected, the youthful female reporter continued her on the air interview in the streets of Rotterdam, Netherlands, after being spit at and almost run over by Muslim immigrants.

The entire assault was captured by her cameraman and it appears the perpetrators are young Muslim migrants.

The incident begins with one migrant who goes by on a bicycle shouting, “F*** you”  multiple times. Seconds later, two migrants on a motorcycle nearly run the reporter and interviewee over, while spitting at the reporter’s face.

Another gentleman, the Livable Rotterdam Councillor Bart Joost van Rij, attempted to hit the men on the motorcycle with his bag as they drove by him.

Through the entire scene, the reporter remains calm and finishes her segment. The story was on the city’s mayor, Ahmed Aboutaleb, a Muslim dual citizen of the Netherlands and Morocco. He supports migrants and calls himself a “jihadist,” claiming that the word is misunderstood.

“Jihadist is the completely wrong word. I am a jihadist. I’m doing the right thing for the city the entire day. I’m a jihadist,” he said. “There are 68 definitions of jihad, if you remove a spike from the street or a piece of glass … to prevent a bicycle being harmed by the spike, you are a jihadist.”

 Semantics aside, Mayor Aboutaleb does not sanction violence and spoke out after the Charlie Hebdo attack stating, “If you don't like the West, pack your bags”.
“As a mayor, I like people that have radical ideas,” he said. “Thanks to having radical ideas about the way to lead our civilisations and our societies we left the Stone Age. But that’s not what we are talking about. We’re talking about a group of people who are threatening others, not only because they have radical ideas, but they believe they have their own truth justifying their own goals … by using violence.”

Why the attack occurred is yet unknown and the identities of the men are still pending investigation.

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