Migrants Rob Generous Hungarian Man

The generous individual is swarmed by desperate refugees, who nearly assault him trying to get the bag. While this goes to show how desperate they’ve become, at what point does desperation become dangerous?

The Hungarian man attempts to walk away but is dragged back and is eventually forced to hand over the bag. He leaves the scene with his hands held up in a gesture of submission.

The fact that many of the “refugees” are not even Syrian and are in fact economic migrants, coupled with their behavior, is giving the legitimate refugees a bad name.

As the Sydney Morning Herald reports, 90% of migrants arriving in some countries claim to be Syrian yet have no documentation to prove it.

While this hasn’t been as bad as some of the other reports coming in from across Hungary, it shows the situation for the mess that it is. If something isn’t done soon to quell this refugee situation, it could create more problems and end future generosity from Western nations.

Source: infowars.com





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