Migrants Refuse To Get Off Bus Because Their Plush Accommodation Was ‘Too Rural’

Sweden's Migration Bureau have claimed that at least thirty migrants have refused to get off of the government paid for bus to stay at their taxpayer funded resorts. This is happening as reports are coming in from Sweden that the country is nearing capacity, yet government officials continue to welcome migrants.

The conversion of the holiday spot to migrant accommodation is part of a desperate push by the Swedish government to find any last unoccupied beds in the country, as the estimated 190,000 new arrivals expected this year take almost every space. The government is increasingly turning to out-of-season holiday accommodation for short term use by migrants, which has led to new arrivals being billeted in sometimes unusual spots.

Converted to house 50 migrants, a heated pool, sauna, and restaurants made the small village a desirable holiday retreat for native Swedes, but failed to charm the newcomers. Being surrounded by forests made them feel uncomfortable, reports TheLocal.se.

If a sense of claustrophobia caused by the dense woodland disturbs, these migrants may prefer instead to take logdings at another Swedish holiday destination converted for their use at the last minute. Just 150 miles north of the Arctic circle, the Riksgränsen ski resort is close to the Norwegian border and has space for 600 migrants.

While Sweden continues to welcome migrants, promising housing and education, despite reaching capacity, Denmark is taking the opposite approach. As part of a publicity package for the new government's drive to cut benefits for migrants, Denmark is actually taking out advertisements in foreign newspapers to warn migrants against entering the country.

Source: breitbart.com




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