Migrants Burn Down Welcome Center

Nothing says gratitude like burning down the welcome center that has housed and cared for one’s needs.  Angry migrants upset that they could be repatriated back to their homelands and incensed that Italy would require registration and fingerprints, burned the welcome pavilion to the ground.

The four Tunisian migrants suspected of starting the fire were stopped as they walked away from the pavilion moments after the building went up in flames. The property, which had been rebuilt after the first two fires, is seriously damaged.

On Tuesday two separate groups of Tunisian migrants had landed on the small island, which as Italy’s southernmost point is only 70 miles by sea from the African nation of Tunisia. In the morning of a group of 14 Tunisians arrived, followed by another 35 who were picked up by the Italian Coast Guard later in the day.

Reports suggest that in recent weeks tensions had already been growing inside the Lampedusa welcome center, linked to the refusal by a group of African migrants, mainly from Eritrea and Yemen, to submit to identification and registration procedures including the taking of fingerprints.

Protests have been held in the town square in front of the Church, where dozens of refugees have camped and staged a four-day hunger strike.

As has been evidenced all across Europe, the migrant crisis brings a crisis to the countries that house them.  Obama ignores the evidence because he WILL have his way, despite the danger migrants have represented to the citizens of numerous western nations.

As elections approach, find out if your Congressperson supports Obama’s refugee plan and oust them if they fall in line with his dangerous immigrant plan.

Source: Breitbart

Photo: ansa.it



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