Migrants Assault, Insult, and Run Over 60 Minutes Crew in Sweden

Migrants Assault, Insult, and Run Over 60 Minutes Crew in Sweden

Sweden was proudly proclaiming itself the humanitarian superpower of the world and now it is closing its borders to refugees without identity papers.  The neighboring countries are being even tougher. Denmark  is stripping asylum seekers of valuable to help pay for their upkeep, confiscating cash and jewelry, basically everything except wedding rings.

Sweden's population of 9.593 million citizens is buckling under the 165, 000 refugees it has taken in this past year.  The message of these nations is very clear, “Please, no more refugees.”

The 60 Minutes host asked, “Is it a refugee overload? Just too many people?”

In response, “Too many people and too many people of the wrong kind.”

Han, a one-time school teacher and recent political activist is calling time.  He says that Sweden is on the brink of an economic and cultural disaster.

“The problem with a generous welfare state like Sweden is that we are very, very soft,” an example of Sweden being too trusting.

Watch the video on the following page and experience the kind of direction that Hillary and Bernie would like to take America, through the eyes a Swede.

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