Migrant Part of 20-man Gang Rape Tells Police Experience Was A “Fun Joke”

Who knew 50 years ago when the mass migration of Arabs to the northern reaches of Europe that the Scandinavian culture would be slowly replaced over that time with a new Sharia Law-compliant populace who are more than willing to delete their own heritage in favor of a Caliphate that is intent on taking over the nation?

Yet that's exactly what has been happening.  My grandmother emigrated to the United States shortly after the turn of the last century, appearing at Ellis Island and having his name altered to a more Anglicized name because he saw a very disturbing trend in the politics of the land toward Socialism.  He opted to leave his home and, I'm so very glad he did, because I'm not sure that he would have been happy with the state of affairs that Sweden finds itself embroiled in today.

If he were alive, I believe he would be outraged at the way the Swedish people have cowed to the invasion by Muslim immigrants.  The fact that the nation's government allowed and, worse yet, encouraged this invasion is even more disturbing.  The allure of the country for these Arab migrants and refugees was its generous welfare system, something that grew out of a Socialism that went drastically awry and continues to sap the very life's blood from its rapidly diminishing workforce of White citizens in order to fund the lifestyles of these parasitic hangers-on.

There is a large nationalist movement that is developing there who reject their government's attempt to “muddy the races” in order to force integration on a racial level, but the movement may be too late in resisting this dramatic change.

For the Muslims who are continuing their annual migration, it's estimated that they will be the majority race within a short 20 years and that, for many in the nationalist movement, is the most frightening aspect of all.  Even very Liberal Norway is finally altering its immigration laws and the levels at which they are welcoming Asian and African immigrants, but that, sadly, is also a bit on the late side.  The damage has already been done in many parts of Europe and may, in fact, be irreversible.

As for the rape culture, it is rampant in the Muslim migrant and refugee circles and fuels much of this anti-immigrant sentiment.  Rightly so, countless families that have experienced these horrid attacks, are angry because the Liberal court systems there are siding predominantly with the rapists because there is a fear in the legal community that they will be seen as too harsh or unfair to the Muslims based on racial lines.  Which begs the question:  Is it wrong or illegal to state the facts of the case?  In other words, if the rapists are predominantly Muslim, and is statistically borne out that way, why should that be a problem to be said aloud?

Of course, we're not talking about what's right anymore.  We're talking about what's politically correct.  And that is the poisonous concoction that the Europeans have imbibed.

In a recent case, one of a group of 20 Muslims who raped a woman was said to have claimed it was a “fun joke” to have participated in the rape!

A migrant who took part in a 20-man gang rape of a woman in a suburb of Stockholm, Sweden told police that the experience was a “fun joke”.

The incident occurred last summer in the Fittja area of the Swedish capital. 20 men were involved in the brutal gang rape, which took place in a stairwell, but police were only able to identify and charge five of the culprits, all of whom were migrants from Somali and Iraq.

According to the 30-year-old woman, the migrants “discussed who would get to use me first” before pulling her up to the second floor. “Many stood waiting for their turn,” she added.

The migrants smashed the woman’s head against the staircase, knocking her unconscious, as well as threatening her with a knife.

The migrants laughed and filmed the scene on their cellphones as the attack unfolded. During a police interview, one of the attackers said the entire ordeal was a “fun joke” to the men.

The victim’s situation was made worse by the fact that when she attempted to get help from locals, they either ignored or insulted her.

One man who had lived in the area for 15 years saw the rape happening but did nothing because, in his own words he has “learned not to see or hear so much”. The woman was also labeled “disgusting” by another person because she had sperm in her hair as a result of the gang rape.

According to Attorney Elisabeth Massi Fritz, the incident is one of the worst rape incidents she has dealt with in 26 years of practice, saying that the attackers inflicted “torture-like trauma” on her client.

While the mainstream media has embarked on a disinformation campaign to downplay the severity of sexual assaults since Sweden began accepting more Muslim migrants in 2015, rapes have increased by 14% since last year. A recent poll also found that half of young women in the country felt insecure walking the streets.

Sexual assaults on women at music festivals in Sweden have also risen by 1000%, with feminists and organizers responding by proposing that all men be banned from such events.

As we previously reported, Sweden’s migrant ghettos are now so dangerous that police are installing microphones to pick up the sound of women screaming.

While sexual assaults and rapes of women are spiraling out of control, the Swedish government is busy publishing reports that say putting the word “refugees” in quotation marks is “hate” and that questioning the age of child migrants is also a form of extremism.

This rape took place in Stockholm, the very city where Lesbian Bishop Eva Brunne of the Stockholm Church of Sweden has made serious attempts to appease Muslims by commanding other churches (some of which are not even in his sphere of influence) to remove crosses and crucifixes in order to make those who practice Islam more comfortable.

Source:  InfoWars

Image: National Economics Editorial



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