Migrant Rapes 79 Year Old Woman at Cemetery

The suspect was charged with rape and placed into custody. He'd been living in Germany since 2013, at a refugee shelter in Horstel.

A wave of sexually-related offences in Germany has triggered immense public outrage and forced authorities to review existing anti-rape laws. The most notorious incident took place during this year’s New Year’s Eve celebrations in Cologne, where wide-scale sexual assaults took place.

In an effort to reduce the underreporting of rape crimes, Germany’s parliament introduced a new law on sexual offences earlier this month labeled “no means no,” under which victims will no longer be required to prove that they physically resisted the assailant, which was mandatory for rape charges to be brought against an assailant before. The old standard led to many offences not being reported, as victims had often been intimidated into the sexual contact.

“The change in the law will help increase the number of victims who choose to press charges, lower the number of criminal prosecutions that are shelved, and ensure sexual assaults are properly punished,”said Manuela Schwesig, Germany’s federal minister of family affairs, senior citizens, women and youth, in commenting on the law.

A majority of sexual attacks that take place in Germany are committed by migrant men. However, the German government has put new laws in place to ensure that people of all ethnicities have a chance to be equally guilty. It's that type of governing that encourages this behavior. If the German people didn't think immigration was a problem before, they will soon.

Source: rt.com




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