Migrant Men Sexually Abuse 14 Year Old Boy at Public Swimming Pool

In Berlin, Germany, a young boy and his friend were swimming in a public pool when two migrant men approached them. One boy escaped but the other was caught and cornered.

The migrants forced him to perform sexual acts of them and then they were caught.

From the Deccan Chronicle:

Although one of them escaped from the attackers, the 14-year-old was caught by the accused. They then cornered the victim and forced him to perform sexual acts on them.

Both the accused, aged 20 and 25, attacked the minor boy in one of the changing rooms.

Lifeguards were immediately informed and the authorities managed to arrest the migrants. They were produced before a court in Paderborn and have been detained.

How many more innocent Europeans will fall victim to the sexual predations of migrants disguised as asylum seekers? Who rapes their rescuers?

The western world should stop averting it's eyes from what is happening in Europe. It's coming here, our democrat party is positively giddy for it.

Source: The Deccan Chronicle





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