Michelle Obama’s Comments Come With Shocking Implications


The first lady’s comments at the BET Awards went to show that the Obama’s don’t care about equality as much as they make you think. After saying, “black girls rock” it makes you wonder exactly what she’s implying.

Liberals are always on the frontline of America’s incessant race war. Rarely do they miss an opportunity to call out conservatives on what they deem inappropriate or out of bounds regarding skin color.

So when the First Lady of the gets on stage at the Black Entertainment Television Awards and proclaims that “black girls rock,” what is she trying to say exactly?

This is what true racism looks like, but if anybody who isn’t African American were to call her out on that, they would be the ones considered racist. It’s hard to initiate change in a subject like race, when the argument has become so backwards.

Source: youngcons.com



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