Michelle Obama Bans Frosted Flakes

Michelle Obama Bans Frosted Flakes

Anybody who does not see that the federal government is out of control and has become a tyrannical, monarchical beast is just not paying attention. It is bad enough that they take your money through taxes and fees so that you do not actually even begin to earn income for your self until after April 24th (and that is certainly early because of all the fees and charges layered on the products that you buy and on the businesses that serve you).

The government also tells you where you can live, what you can drive, and how much money you can take out of the bank at one time. And they certainly want to tell you if you can own a gun or what kinds of bullets you can use, because there is great fear that the people will one day wake up and realize that they are mere serfs serving the whims and caprice of their government masters.

One of the more shocking facts is that the government has decided to tell little kids and their parents what they will be allowed to eat, along with how much they can eat and when they can eat it. This is dictatorial nonsense, and it is all done “for our own good.”

See the new eating plan to be enforced by the Federal government on page 2:

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