Michael Moore: Trump Voters are “Legal Terrorists”

Returning to the limelight to spew his hateful leftist view, Fahrenheit 451 director Michael Moore told Rolling Stone that anyone who votes for Donald Trump is a “legal terrorist” who will be responsible for the “destruction” he imagines will ensue should he be elected:

“Moore’s remarks came in an interview published Friday by the US-based Rolling Stone magazine in which he called on those considering voting for Trump to ‘think about the damage they could do by being a legal terrorist on November 8th.’

‘Legally, you have a right to vote on November 8th,’ Moore went on to explain. ‘He’s told everybody that’s what he’s going to do. He’s the outsider who is going to ride into town and blow up the old way. So you, as a voter, get to participate in the detonation. He’s going to get a lot of votes from people who actually just want to sit back and watch the thing blow up.’

The filmmaker, who announced last week his new movie ‘Michael Moore in TrumpLand,’ further expounded the recent Trump controversies, saying that contrary to popular opinion, the Republican candidate’s scandals should make people more concerned about the upcoming election.”

Source: Press TV



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