Mexico Adding to U.S. Fears of Islamic Terrorist Invasion

The waves of immigrant refugees from Syria and other Middle Eastern countries into the United States is creating tremendous fear and pushback from citizens and even state governors, especially in the wake of the Paris massacre by Islamic terrorists that killed and wounded hundreds last weekend. Incredibly, President Obama is doubling down in his effort to bring tens of thousands of migrants to the U.S. in spite of the impossibility of successfully vetting all the new arrivals to ensure that the program will not introduce countless jihadists disguised as refugees into the country.

Now there is a new concern that Syrian “immigrants” will come into the country both directly through Obama's plan, and through Mexico, due to the porous border resulting from Obama's directive to not prosecute or deport illegal immigrants as well as Mexico's poorly designed and implemented refugee program. No wonder that U.S. citizens are questioning who the president is protecting and what his priorities are.


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