Mexican SFA: America Must Drop Its Racism and Embrace Migration

Mexican Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu is calling on America to make immigration easier on Mexican immigrants.

Mexican Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu said in a Monday speech, “We need to embrace immigration as an opportunity, we have to change our mindset and adapt to current needs that are anything but static.” Illegal immigration is definitely an opportunity for the invaders to steal a piece of the American dream and one in which the Mexican government is aggressively working to change the American mindset to one in which we accept that it is our responsibility to allow ourselves to be invaded. That’s what good, obedient and enlightened “global citizens” do. It’s so intolerant to defend one’s sovereignty and not very sensitive to the feelings of the invaders.

“Today it is even more critical, “she says, “To unmask the stereotypes of international migrants [border crashing illegal alien squatters] and design a solution tailored to each context, prioritizing the well-being of each person who migrates and making sure their fundamental rights are fully respected. Mexico is embracing this redrawn landscape as a country of origin, destination, return and transit of migrants; we have been forced to come up with a wide, deep and innovative tool box of migration policies.”

Source: Constitution Rising

Mrs. Massieu, or at least her speech writers, seem to think that America is more prosperous than it really is. After almost 8 years of staggering mismanagement under Obama's presidency, it's amazing that the country hasn't collapsed in on itself. If Mexico wants to see a better life for the citizens who want to leave, they should look to the organization of their own country.



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