Mexican President “Demands” Trump “Respect” His Country

Mexican President “Demands” Trump “Respect” His Country

Although they were soundly trounced during the election, Donald Trump's enemies have wasted no time making outrageous demands of the newly-installed president.

When Trump initially announced his candidacy, people laughed at the idea that the real estate tycoon and reality TV show host could possibly have a chance at the White House. When it became clear that he was not only serious but actually had a chance of winning, his opponents went into overdrive and attempted to delegitimize every single thing he said or did. This was especially true in the matter of immigration, in which Trump proposed a crackdown on illegal aliens even as critics insisted against all evidence that he wanted to deport all Mexicans from the US.

It was a narrative that spread so far and wide that even prominent politicians from our southern neighbor have bought it hook and line sinker.

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