Mexican Flags Hoisted in Celebration of Trump Shut Down

Mexican Flags Hoisted in Celebration of Trump Shut Down

Donald Trump announced his intentions to run for the President of The United States with a fierce condemnation of illegal immigrants, saying they being crime, drugs, and rape. While these accusations are true, statically speaking, that hasn’t stopped Mexican Americans from attacking Trump ever since.

It seems that even Mexicans living in the U.S. — ones that are theoretically voting, politically active citizens — can’t draw a distinction between themselves and their illegally immigrated brethren. Perhaps that’s because their allegiances remain with their shared country of origin rather than the country they or their ancestors fled to for a better life. How ironic that they will tear down the country they came to because it was — in every sense — better and less corrupt than the third world country they left.

That would explain why many are hoisting Mexican flags in celebration of a recently shuttered Donald Trump rally. One would think that those with ties to corrupt Mexico would see how invaluable free speech is in a political system, but apparently not.

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