Mexican Drug Smugglers Filmed Climbing Border Fence

Drug smugglers, fairly young men, carrying sizable, rectangular packs are caught on video by a TV crew scaling the Mexico/US border fence in Nogales, Arizona.  There are children playing in the streets and the sun is warming the pavement, while these criminal illegals are audacious enough to scale the wall and enter America with their contraband.

On full alert for the Border Patrol, and after they notice that the camera crew is filming them, the smugglers are then seen yelling at the camera crew, “No graben!” (Don’t record!)

After realizing they probably won’t complete the smuggling run successfully — and before the Border Patrol can apprehend them — the two smugglers climb back over the fence into Mexico without dropping off their product.
Their faces have been seen, the place of their entry is now known by the Border Patrol, so perhaps they will get nabbed next time.
 Source:  Daily Caller




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