Mexican Drug Cartels Agree to Stop Assassinating Politicians Under One Condition


Bishop Salvador Rangel Mendoza claims to have fostered an agreement with drug traffickers to stop killing politicians long enough for them to hold their July 1st elections. The cartel members have recently carried out assassinations of 11 political candidates.

His relationship with the criminals was made public this year, however he had reportedly opened a dialogue nearly two years ago when he intervened in the capture of a priest.

“Rangel was the one who established the first contact with a narco leader. One day, he told in an interview, a priest called him to ask him to intervene so they would not kill him.

The following week he went to the sierra to ask the capo not to kill the priest. Then he mediated between the criminal groups and, now, intervened to negotiate security for the candidates.” –El Universal (translated)

After Rangel reportedly took a helicopter rented for him by a local community to thank a capo for restoring electricity and water to the town, he requested that the cartel stop murdering candidates. Cartel leadership reportedly agreed under the conditions that politicians don't cheat during elections by buying votes, and that they then fulfill their political promises “because after they come to power and forget about the people, and that's what bothers us.

Mendoza told a congregation of the agreement during Easter Sunday mass in the central market of Chilpancingo.

Bishop Rangel joined the Chilpancingo-Chilapa diocese in August 2015 after the previous bishiop left following the cartel assassinations of three priests, and an attempted kidnapping. Rangel's territory is some of the worst in Mexico in terms of cartel violence – with several competing factions engaging in bloody turf wars according to the Secretary of Security Public of the state.

Of course, the cartels do as they please, so it's doubtful that they will honor their word if it, in fact, ever really existed in the first place.

Relations between officials and the priesthood reached an all time low in February, after officials suggested that two assassinated priests were aligned with a rival cartel. The priests were killed in a February 5 ambush between the cities of Taxco and Iguala, after an armed group blocked their vehicle and opened fire on the passengers.



Source: Zero Hedge

Image: CS Monitor, Borderland Beat


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