Mercedes Makes Big Announcement for American Auto Plant Workers

Donald Trump wants American workers making American products here in the United States of America. Now, Mercedes has announced new efforts to better comply with Donald Trump's wishes.

German car giant Mercedes-Benz dropped the importation of foreign workers to build their Vance, Alabama-based auto plant following a report on how Americans are often left behind by multinational corporations.

In a CBS News investigation, as Breitbart Texas reported, researchers found that over the course of the last four years, foreign workers were brought to the states–either on the B-1 or L-1 visa–to fill construction jobs for the car manufacturing plant.

The L-1 visa is for foreign workers who are employed by a multinational corporation. The workers are allowed to come to the U.S. after working with a corporation abroad for a year. Close to 80,000 foreigners are imported to take jobs that Americans would otherwise do.

CBS researchers spoke with Gerald Greiner, a former manager for German contractor Eisenmann, revealing how foreign workers were imported to take construction jobs that blue-collar American workers could have done locally.

In Greiner’s exchange with CBS News, he said “Oh yeah, absolutely. Yes,” American workers could have taken the construction jobs to build the Mercedes auto plant in Alabama, but were passed over.

Since the investigation was released, Mercedes-Benz dropped Eisenmann as the contracting firm they use for construction jobs in Alabama.

While the media focuses on fake scandals and White House tumult, real progress is being made with the American economy. Announcements such as these are why unemployment is at a 16-year low while the stock market is at an all-time high. They're big wins for Trump and America — but the press refuses to notice.

Source: Breitbart
Image: Carol M. Highsmith


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