Memo Reveals ‘Rosenstein and Mueller Colluded to Break the Law’

The Mueller investigation is a witch hunt pure and simple. Right off the bat, its impartiality was suspect when Mueller loaded up his legal staff with staunch supporters of Hillary Clinton. Mueller should have been replaced just on that point alone. The last thing we need is allegedly impartial investigations tainted by political machinations.

Yet that's what we got.

Now we find out that the scope and term of Muller's appointment were intentionally vague.

An August 2017 memo from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to Special Counsel Robert Mueller surfaced late Monday evening in a court filing. Mueller used the memo to defend his scope of the investigation against a recent motion Manafort filed to dismiss his case.

In the heavily redacted memo, Robert Mueller admits Rosenstein’s order appointing him to Special Counsel was intentionally vague.

Fox News‘ legal correspondent Gregg Jarrett has the details of the story.

Legal analyst for Fox News, Gregg Jarrett unleashed on Mueller and Rosenstein on Tuesday, calling for both to resign after they ‘colluded to break the law.’

Gregg Jarrett tweeted: Unethical Mueller, in his court filing, admits that Rosenstein’s order appointing him was intentionally vague. This violates the special counsel law that requires a specific statement of facts to be investigated. Rosenstein and Muller colluded to break the law and should resign

So, as we suspected, the Mueller investigation was tainted from the start.

As TGP’ Joe Hoft previously reported, late last night Mueller and Rosenstein presented to the courts a rebuttal for Manafort’s latest action – they presented a previously undisclosed memo to a federal court in Washington supposedly addressing Manafort’s argument. The problem is it doesn’t.

The memo is dated August 2, 2017 and is from Rosenstein to Mueller supposedly directing Mueller to look into Manafort actions with a Russian operative perhaps before 2016. This however is clearly outside the scope of Sessions’ recusal as argued by Manafort and doesn’t even address Manafort’s argument that these actions are not for Mueller to take or Rosenstein to order but are Sessions actions alone as AG.

Gregg Jarrett also called for Mueller to resign in June of 2017 stating the special counsel has an egregious conflict of interest.

Trey “bulldog” Gowdy has recently called for those conducting the investigation to put up or shut up. Turn to the final page for details and video:



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