Member of First US Majority-Muslim City Council Warns: “Today, we show the Polish…”

The Michigan city of Hamtramck elected a new city council in 2015, and with it they ushered in the first Muslim majority city council in America. Within moments of winning the city's election, an organizer involved in the government takeover was caught making ominous threats against non-Muslims in the city.

This warning is no doubt troubling in its own right, but becomes even more unsettling when one pairs the comment with recent polling that suggests what Muslims would do should they take over any facet of government. Over half reject the first amendment, while 46% want blasphemers punished. 12% percent would even like to see those who commit blasphemy killed outright.

People with these views against the freedom of speech and religion in our country have no role in our government. If they city council of Hamtramck wanted to distance themselves from these statistics, they sure haven't shown it.

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