Melania Trump Saving MILLIONS By Slashing Michelle Obama’s Lavish Beautification, Personal Assistant Squad

Remember how everyone on the left was throwing a temper tantrum over Melania choosing to stay in NY so Barron could finish the school year before moving to Washington? Well, Melania is now in her own quiet classy fashion returning that money back to the taxpayers by only maintaining a small White House staff.

Our current 1st lady is no Michelle Obama. You probably haven't been able to avoid the recent round of interviews Michelle gave shrieking racism and what a burden it was to her ego to be our 1st lady for 8 years. But, what’s funny about all of this is that despite claiming to be angry that people didn’t find her arms alluring and beautiful. Mrs. O didn’t seem to have any problem spending the taxpayer's money while also yelling at us for being deplorable.

One would be tempted to think Michelle thought she was the 1st person to ever occupy the role of the 1st lady. Maybe she was the 1st man too but who knows that is just a theory. People also attack Melania all day, every day. She literally can not wear white without people vilifying her on Twitter for being a white supremacist. Yet, you never hear her complain. Instead, she says “I have a thick skin”.

Melania says that the press often mischaracterize her quietness as reticence. “They say I’m shy,” she says. “I am not shy. They interview people about me who don’t even know me. These people, they want to have 15 minutes of fame in talking about me, and reporters don’t check the facts

There is a reason Michelle went back out seeking the limelight over the past few weeks. Melania and Ivanka Trump for that matter quietly captivated the spotlight at the G20 summit. Every little thing they did, wore or said became international news. Something Michele never enjoyed during her time as 1st lady. The Trump ladies subscribe to the old adage ‘you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar’ and much to Mrs. O chagrin, it works.

Melania is an adult. Instead of being pictured scowling and sending hateful looks over at other women because they disagreed with her and POTUS’s decision to let Barron finish out the school year in NY. She quietly listened to what the people had to say, found lavish White House expenses and staffs mandated by her predecessor, and slashed them to reduce the overall taxpayer expenses associated with the role of the 1st lady. You’ll never believe how many people it took to wait on Michele and get her ready for events in comparison to Melania! All on the next page.




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