Melania: Growing Up in Communism Fueled Her Love of Freedom

Sandi Gorisek never considered himself a writer. The 33-year old mechanical engineer does see himself a storyteller, and he’s provided quite a story about Melania Trump in a new 42-page book, Melania Trump; The Slovenian Side of the Story.

The story is a salute to the Slovenian people who’ve built a small, proud nation out of a former part of Communist Yugoslavia. The book is described this way:

. . . a quick read full of historic facts, insightful observations, and revealing truths about a patriotic people who are tough survivors of Communism and enthusiastic entrepreneurs in their now free homeland.”

The book shares details of both Gorisek’s and Melania’s families. Both fathers were members of the Communist Party, as was expected in those days in order to get ahead. Both mothers worked at Jutranjka, a children’s clothing factory that’s since converted to a successful plastics business.

The aim of this book is to show how growing up in this atmosphere created and nurtured beliefs from the time period that have influenced all of us, including Mrs. Trump,” Gorisek wrote.

Gorisek writes about the critical role women play in Slovenian society, and their impact on family life and the overall culture.

It is not too arrogant to say that the future of the USA and its population will be partly tailored by the patterns and principles leaned from the people of a small, proud nation situated on the sunny side of the Alps.”

Acknowledging that Communism frowned on individuality, the author notes that nonetheless a generation of strong men was able to develop.

A generation of real men emerged,” Gorisek wrote. “Men capable of building houses and towns with their bare hands and with the help of relatives and neighbors.”

Gorisek laments the fact that the new generation of Slovenian men, by growing up under capitalism and no military draft, have not learned the valuable lessons their parents learned while striving in a Communist society.

However, he does assert that capitalism has given Slovenians the opportunity to live out an “American Dream” of home ownership, with the country having the highest rate of single unit home ownership in the European Union.

He believes earlier generations benefitted from having respect for authority and learning discipline in a culture that permitted corporal punishment.

He singles out Melania’s parents, the mother for having the courage to encourage her daughter to follow a modeling career and the father for creating a successful business.

Putting your child on the catwalk at the age of five in order to increase her interest in fashion and to go against the popular opinion that the only proper color was gray was and still is courageous. The same goes for her father, who, rising from company driver and member of the Party, established a business importing and exporting car parts.”

The author believes Melania Trump will enjoy great success as First Lady, given the lessons learned as a child in Slovenia.

I am not a politically-oriented person and most of my knowledge in this field has been gained in order to write this book, but I do admire Melania for being a Slovenian with guts. She worked as a model most of her life and is certainly accustomed to her share of low punches.”

The fact that she withstood all of the attacks as regard being labeled as a gold-digger and not being a clever immigrant due to her lack of knowledge of the language is something to praise.”

He also credits the influence of her husband for helping him achieve his goal as a writer.

Throughout the writing of the book, a few lines from her husband echoed in my head, and I would like to quote one since that is the reason why I, not a professional writer, was able to finish the book.”

Do what you like, stay focused and ride the momentum.”

Gorisek is focused on selling his book when he comes to visit the United States in a few months. Perhaps he’ll get the opportunity to visit his fellow Slovenian in the White House.

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