Media Molds Hatchet Attack at TN Theater To Fit Gun Control Agenda

Thank goodness the SWAT team was called out and ends the fellow. The “Theater Shooting Horror” had no victims other than the fellow with the pellet gun. The suspect didn’t shoot anyone or even attempt to shoot anyone in the theater. He shot “at” the first officer that confronted him. He did attack another man with a hatchet, hitting and superficially wounding him, and he did go in and pepper sprayed that man as well as two other female moviegoers. There were eight total people in the theater including Montano. No one was taken to the hospital.

The Daily Sheeple compiled the media response. It should be mentioned that “the gunman” also apparently had a hatchet and two backpacks, one containing a hoax (fake) bomb device. Essentially this was a dangerous but, minor incident by a crazy person.

The mainstream media, however, goes full bore with this piece hyping it up beyond belief.


“Theater shooter” plays to their agenda better than hatchet-wielding psycho. We can’t license and outlaw hatchets.

USA Today: “Police Shoot Gunman at Tennessee Movie Theater”

ABC News: “Gunman Killed at Tennessee Movie Theater Had Hatchet and Fake Bomb, Police Say”

The full story is here.

The problem here is the low information crowd simply hears the news and believes it without question.

People who watch TV without paying attention will think so. So, the gun control agenda moves forward with a lie and the facts, like perhaps this fellow was on drugs, gets pushed aside. Eventually, the public will find the mainstream media is as untrustworthy as their champions Hillary and Obama. Hope and change will come, but it will be relief from the corrupted hope and change fed to the public over the last six years.





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