McMaster: U.S. is Preparing for a ‘Preventative War’ with North Korea

McMaster: U.S. is Preparing for a ‘Preventative War’ with North Korea

North Korea's continuous eagerness to be the provocateur in a possible conflict with America and its allies seems almost a neediness to be martyred.  Its only real ally in this provocation with the United States is Iran, who (let's face it) would choose Satan, or even a human-flesh-eating alien from Mars as it ally, if America was the enemy.

China has long abandoned an pretense of being a big brother protector of that rogue nation and its unhinged leader.  After slapping a Chinese-supplied oil embargo on North Korea, the neighbor to China responded with a huge question mark, to which Chinese officials scrambled to shrug their shoulders and claim their hands were tied, what with the United Nations sanctions emplaced (as if that EVER stopped China before).  The Chinese leader, President Xi Jinping, after meeting with Donald Trump a few months ago in what was called a very productive meeting and where the Chinese leader praised President Trump for his business savvy, appeared to take a very, seemingly relieved, different, almost combative, stance with the North Korean leader, who appears to have been viewed by the Chinese government the same way the Jackass Party views their “Crazy Uncle” Joe Biden:  [with a dismissive wave of the hand] “Aah, that's just Joe!”  This whole move by China may have been a purposeful Pontius Pilate moment where Jinping was “washing his hands of North Korea.”

As for Russia, they will do what Russia always does:  Watch from afar, wait for their moment, condemn the US and its allies for being warmongers, and go on about their business.  While they too are “done with North Korea” in so far as seriously defending them, they will wait until the US makes the “big decision” that no other country wants to make (but knows is absolutely necessary) and then react with, “Well, what does Russia get out of this deal?”

Be that as it may, the US has many important options, but only one good answer.  Turn to the next page to see what is most likely in store for the US if it comes to North Korea and what war with that nation would likely look like, according to National Security Adviser, H.R. McMaster!

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