McCain: Obama Was a Better World Leader Than Trump

McCain: Obama Was a Better World Leader Than Trump

I have to wonder about John McCain, the Democrat…I mean, Republican…senator from Arizona and his penchant for sticking both feet in his mouth simultaneously.  I wonder if he sits at home on his expensive sofa, in one of his expensive homes, staring down at his expensive dogs and shaking his head sadly about why America just doesn't like him.  He has done literally everything that the Left has asked him to do.  He has bad-mouthed Republicans, trash-talked Trump, put down Sarah Palin as the reason he lost the election, and he has worked tirelessly on behalf of all Democrats to ensure that the debt keeps piling up as high as the stratosphere and beyond.

What more could he possibly do to command the love and respect of the masses?  At this point, the only real way he could make a demonstrative dent in his terrible reputation would be to jump party affiliations.  That, at least, would stop the hemorrhaging of his Leftist and RINO supporters.

But Johnny won't do that.  He'll continue to languish on the sidelines like Rudy, hoping against hope that everybody will eventually forget that he's a completely ineffectual leader and (like Boehner) will finally, mercifully get the picture and retire.  I don't believe that will be anytime soon.

Instead, let's take a quick stroll down memory lane to look at some of the most interesting aspects of his political career.  But not the ones that defined him as a maverick…back when the Progressive mainstream media absolutely adored him because he always seemed to rub Republican constituents the wrong way.  And not the way he was seemed to speak softly and carry a big feather (just in case things got out of hand).

I'd like to talk about the reasons why John McCain simply viewed Barack Obama as a much more viable, strong, and attractive candidate than he himself was.  What?  You didn't know?

When John McCain was attempting to take the most important job on the planet, he refused to “go negative” and try to pull out an unlikely win.  “Going negative” is Liberal code-speak for telling the truth.  Every time his handlers told McCain to remind everyone of Obama's many shortcomings (and there were oodles of them) he invariably fell back on, “Well, we're just gonna remain civil around here.  No need to go all crazy like and call people unnecessary derogatory names that really aren't true.”

My contention is that McCain actually viewed Obama as the preferred candidate, with himself as the alternative!  Read more on this new revelation…

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